Mic Preamp Modules

A12 Preamp Module
Based on classic American preamp designs of the '70s, the A12 delivers an aggressive, immediately recognizable midrange with pronounced transformer coloration. Compatible with most 2520 style op-amp modules.
SC25 op-amp must be ordered separately
A12KF Kit, 2S Transformer
A12KF Kit, 2L Transformer
A12KF Kit, 2H Transformer
A12b Preamp Module
Like the A12 above, the A12b delivers an aggressive, immediately recognizable midrange with pronounced transformer coloration. The circuit is exactly the same as the A12 and sounds identical, but the op-amp is not modular. Available as an assembled module only.
C84 Preamp Module
The most "neutral" sounding module, the C84 is a kit version of one of the most popular transformerless preamp circuits. The C84 uses a combination of discrete transistors and IC amplifiers to deliver a very clean, uncolored version of your source signal.
Recommended for experienced DIYers
C84KF Kit
J99 Preamp Module
Many people consider the Jensen Twin Servo to be the finest microphone preamp ever made, and our kit version of this classic circuit has garnered a lot of praise as well. Transformer coupled at both input and output, the J99 can be configured to provide more than 80dB of gain. Accepts most 990 style op-amp modules.
Recommended for experienced DIYers
SC99 op op-amps must be ordered separately
J99KF Kit
J99b Preamp Module
The J99b offers all the performance of the J99 in an assembled module.
N72 Preamp Module
Our most popular module, the N72 adds the unmistakable character of Carnhill transformers to your recordings. The single-ended class A circuit is essentially the same as that used in the 1066, 1073, 1272, and other Neve console modules.

Recommended for experienced DIYers.
N72KF Kit
T15 Preamp Module
Our simplest and least expensive kit, the T15 is quite possibly the best value in pro audio. Built around state-of-the-art integrated circuits from THAT Corporation, the T15 provides vanishingly low distortion and noise, +29dBu headroom, and superb audio quality. Best of all, it's simple to build and a great first project.
Best kit for beginners!
T15KF Kit

VCA Compressor

B16 VCA Compressor Module
Versatile, transparent VCA compressor tames unruly dynamics.  Features program-dependent attack and release, up to 60dB of compression, and +/-24dB of makeup gain.  Optional output transformers provide for superior isolation and euphonic coloration if desired.
B16KF Kit, No Transformer
B16KF Kit, 2S Transformer
B16KF Kit, 2L Transformer
B16KF Kit, 2H Transformer

DI Module

D11 Active DI Module
Two independent, all-discrete, class-A DIs on a single module.  Optional output transformers provide for superior isolation when reamping.  Inputs can be jumpered to drive both outputs.
D11KF Kit

Discrete Op-Amps

SC10 Discrete Op-Amp
The SC10 is our "slightly improved" version of the Quad-Eight AM10 discrete op-amp. An all-discrete 13 transistor design, the SC10 retains the slew rate, bandwidth, and high output current capability of the original.
SC10KA Op-Amp
Ordered with A12
SC25 Discrete Op-Amp
The SC25 is our "improved" version of the venerable 2520 discrete op-amp. An all-discrete 13 transistor design, the SC25 retains the slew rate, bandwidth, and high output current capability of the original.
SC25KA Op-Amp
Ordered with A12
SC99 Discrete Op-Amp
The SC99 is our version of the Jensen 990 discrete op-amp. Built around the National Semiconductor LM394 "super-matched" transistor, the SC99 offers superior performance that is almost impossible to achieve with ICs alone.
SC99KA Op-Amp
Ordered with J99

Power Supply and Chassis

NEW! OneShot Chassis
Introducing the rugged, compact, and affordable OneShot chassis.  Designed primarily for easy tabletop operation, the OneShot can also be rack mounted.  Features a discrete, class-A instrument DI with high-impedance JFET input circuit and relay-switched pad and input impedance. Accommodates any Seventh Circle Audio preamp. Includes 115VAC wall-wart power supply.
PC01KF Chassis Kit
When ordered with any preamp module
CH02 Chassis
Precision engineered steel and aluminum chassis built to withstand the rigors of the road. Features include incredibly strong 14 gauge steel side panels, 1/4" thick rack ears, and internal mu metal shielding. Includes power supply, wiring harness, eight internal dividers, rear-panel hole plugs, and hardware. Sub-panels must be ordered separately.
CH02KF Chassis Kit
As part of complete kit
CH02 Subpanels
3/16" aluminum black-anodized and laser-engraved with appropriate markings for each module in your chassis. Add blanks to dress up those positions you haven't filled yet!
CH02 Subpanel
Purchased with module
PS03 Power Supply
A sophisticated switching supply designed specifically for audio, the PS03 can deliver more than 80W of power to your preamp modules. Compatible with all of our current modules and the CH02 chassis. Features include jumperless universal AC input, over-current and over-temperature protection, two-stage LC output filters, and LED health indicators on each output rail.
PS03KA Power Supply
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