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CH02 8-channel Chassis (with Power Supply)

CH02 8-channel Chassis (with Power Supply)


The CH02 is a road-worthy 2RU chassis designed to hold up to (8)eight Seventh Circle modules in any combination. High voltage supply rails enable more headroom than any 500-series rack. Illuminated logo indicates +30V, -30V, and +48V health. Universal input power supply runs on any mains voltage from 85VAC to 250VAC.


The CH02 comes as a barebones, minimal chassis and power supply setup to get you up and running. This includes a chassis, assembled power supply, AC power cord, and wire harness.




Blank subpanels are not included, and can be purchased seperately to cover the empty slots at $15 each.


Divider panels can also be added at an additional cost at $15 each. It is recommended to AT LEAST add a divider panel between any modules that utilize transformers, (N72, A12, and J99), or if you are having trouble with crosstalk.


    Heavy Duty

    Rugged, heavy gauge cold rolled steel provides superior durability and shielding from external magnetic fields.

    3/16" Front Panel

    Super-strong 3/16" aluminum front panels with black anodized finish and white laser engraving.

    Chromate Zinc Finish

    Clear chromate over zinc plating for excellent grounding.

    Steel Dividers

    Add up to seven internal dividers to support heavy modules. Unlike the aluminum tray of most 500 series modules, our heavy steel dividers provide superior magnetic isolation between modules.

    Easy Module Installation

    Split rear flange makes module installation easy.

    Complete Package

    Includes wire harness, toggle switch assembly, illuminated logo power indicator, AC line cord, hardware, and more.

    Internal Power Supply

    New low-noise PS04 power supply runs from any mains voltage from 85VAC to 250VAC, 50Hz to 60Hz.

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