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CH02 Plug and Play Starter Packs

CH02 Plug and Play Starter Packs


This is a pack that has everything you need to start your SCA chassis with a single preamp! Ready to use when it arrives to your door! Plug and play! See individual product pages for info on each product. If you are only interested in ever needing 1 or 2 preamps, check out the PC01 single unit chassis and power supply


-Includes CH02/Power supply, your choice of assembled preamp and it's matching faceplate. 

-Does not include optional items such as blank faceplates for the remaining empty slots or divider panels for additional modules


Pricing is as follows:

CH02 with assembled T15- $489 (YOU SAVE $44)

CH02 with assembled S90- $649 (YOU SAVE $54)

CH02 with assembled C84- $659 (YOU SAVE $54)

CH02 with assembled A12B- $669 (YOU SAVE $54)

CH02 with assembled N72- $779 (YOU SAVE $64)

CH02 with assembled J99 with 990c opamps- $879 (YOU SAVE $74)

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