PC01 Single Module Case with Power Supply

PC01 Single Module Case with Power Supply


Get any preamp module fully assembled and ready to record in the rugged, compact, and affordable OneShot 1/4U chassis. Easy tabletop or rack mount configuration - fit four on a single Raxxess UNS-1 shelf. Includes 115VAC wall-mount transformer.



    Accommodates any Seventh Circle Audio module

    Add Character

    DI output drives preamp input transformer for maximum "color"

    Built-In Pad

    Relay-switched 20dB input pad accommodates high level signals.

    Laser Engraving

    Super-sharp laser-engraved front panel graphics

    Wall-wart Supply

    External 24VAC power supply for minimum noise and low cost

    In the Box

    Includes rubber feet, wall transformer, and universal hardware kit

    Made in USA

    Designed and manufactured in the USA.

    Durable Construction

    Rugged 18 gauge nickel plated steel chassis and 1/8" black anodized aluminum panel will deliver years of service.

    Dedicated DI Output

    Buffered, unbalanced, instrument level output for driving an amplifier directly.

    Built-in DI

    Low-noise, high-headroom DI with bootstrapped 2 mega-ohm input impedance.