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SCA B16-Compressor Module

SCA B16-Compressor Module


The SCA B16 is a basic VCA compressor designed around the powerful THAT Corporation 4305(updated 4301) dynamics processor IC. It shares the basic features and familiar controls of popular VCA compressors such as the dbx 160, but includes features especially useful for tracking and mixing. First, the relay-switched 6dB pad allows the module to accommodate signals up to +30dBu without clipping. Second, the mix control enables the user to balance compressed and uncompressed signals without using an extra effects return or mixer channel. State of the art line receiver and driver ICs along with Burr-Brown op-amps provide a pristine signal path, and the board can accommodate any of three optional output transformers. Despite its power and features, the B16 has relatively few components and is fairly easy to assemble.


The transformer is OPTIONAL and is an additional $35.


CH02-SP-B16 subpanel must be ordered separately.



There is one VERY fine pitch surface mount part, the THAT 4305. There is a purchase option to have this soldered by SCA for $10, if you do not feel comfortable soldering this part!


    Input Pad and Bypass

    Relay switched 6dB pad and direct bypass

    Switchable Hard / Soft Knee

    Soft knee for unobtrusive gain reduction or hard knee for aggressive limiting.

    Mix Control

    Combine direct and compressed signals without an effects return or mixer channel

    Wide Control Range

    Makeup Gain:   +/-24dB
    Threshold:   -40dBu to +20dBu
    Ratio:   1:1 to infinite

    Optional Output Transformer

    Install the same output transformers used on our very popular A12 preamp module. Solve isolation problems or just add transformer coloration to the signal.

    CMOQ-2S - 100% Steel laminations for maximum "color".
    CMOQ-2L - 50/50 Steel/high-nickel laminations, maximum versatility.
    CMOQ-2H - 100% High-nickel laminations for maximum accuracy.

    The 2S, 2L and 2H are an additional $35, $45 and $65 respectively and 2L or 2H WILL increase order shipping timeframe. Please email first if you would like to order a 2L or 2H transformer!

    Program dependent attack and release

    Non-linear capacitor circuit adapts timing according to the speed and level of signal transients.

    High Quality Components

    Bourns concentric potentiometers, E-Switch sealed toggle switches, and Neutrik connectors will provide years of service.

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