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The Best Microphone Preamp For Quality Sound At an Affordable Price

Choose the N72 Microphone Preamp For:

  • An unmistakable, high-quality sound similar to the Neve single-ended, class A, transformer-coupled console module.

  • A price that is great for digital recordists.

  • A a certain warmth and color that can greatly benefit the hyper-accurate quality of digital recording


“The N72 is  one of the only designs that approaches the correct way of wiring a 1272-type amplifier in a preamp configuration.”


Sound Quality

Ease of use


Bang for buck

Mixer Desk

High Gain

The N72 delivers up to 70dB of gain including the voltage step-up provided by the transformers. This is more than enough gain for most applications, especially with modern high-output condenser microphones.

Stepped Gain Control

A 12 position Grayhill switch provides accurate and repeatable gain settings in 5dB steps from 15dB to 70dB.

Girl Band B&W

Gain Trim

High quality Bourns conductive plastic potentiometer can be wired as a full fader or gain trim control, allowing fine adjustment of gain between steps.

Phase Reverse

Inverts the signal phase.

Sound Mixing
Mixing Music

Phantom Switch

Slow-rise phantom power minimizes pops and thumps.

Neutrik Connectors

High quality PC mount connectors eliminate cabling and ease assembly.

DJ Set
DJ Headphones

Carnhill Transformers

The N72 uses Carnhill input and output transformers. These UK manufactured parts are direct descendants of the original Marinair and St. Ives transformers and are the most convincing replacements available.

Flexible Power Supply

On-board voltage regulator can accommodate power supplies from +27DC to +35VDC. Local regulation also keeps inter-channel crosstalk extremely low when multiple preamps share the same power supply.

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