Welcome to Seventh Circle Audio!

High-quality DIY and fully assembled microphone preamplifiers for audio recording and studio uses.


If you are a recording studio, a musician looking to record, or a podcaster looking for a high-quality mic preamp at a great price, check out our line of microphone preamplifiers! The PC01 is a standalone single channel chassis, which is great for a podcaster or singer/songwriter who may only need one or two preamps. The CH02 chassis can accomodate up to 8 channels! We have brought back many of the same great designs including the N72, A12B, and J99, using the same high quality components that have always been used in the Seventh Circle Audio products. There may also be a few NEW products in the works, so please check back often! Please feel free to email me us at SALES@SEVENTHCIRCLEAUDIO.COM and let us know what products you would like to see! If you need repairs on a product or need a module kit completed visit the support and return policy pages. THANK YOU!

Cory Peik, Owner @ SCA