Welcome to Seventh Circle Audio!

High-quality DIY and fully assembled microphone preamplifiers for audio recording and studio uses, at an affordable price! Clones of classic designs include Neve(N72), API(A12), SSL(S90), Jensen/John hardy(J99), Millenia(C84), dBX(B16), and more!


If you are a recording studio, a musician looking to record, or a podcaster looking for a high-quality mic preamp at a great price, check out our line of microphone preamplifiers! The PC01 is a standalone single channel chassis with DI, which is great for a podcaster or singer/songwriter who may only need one or two preamps. The CH02 chassis can accommodate up to 8 channels! Please feel free to email me us at SALES@SEVENTHCIRCLEAUDIO.COM with any questions! If you need repairs on a product or need a module kit completed visit the support and return policy pages. THANK YOU!